• Team Shirts - All shirts need to be matching with a number clearly visible. For each shirt that does not match 1 try will beawarded to the opposition. Shirts can not be swapped on the sideline


  • Shorts - Official Oztag shorts/tights must be worn


  • Send off  - Any player sent off will recieve an automatic 2 week suspension. The suspension may be appealed at acost of $50.00 which is non refundable


  • Casual players are permitted however they must fill out a individual registration form and also pay $10.00 per game that they fill in. 1 point will be awarded to the opposition for each casual fill in


  •  Fill ins from other teams  -Teams may request a fill in from another team. It is the oppositions choice if they allow them to play this must be determined prior to the games kick off. Again 1 point per fill in will be awarded to the opposition